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A brew tea rooms of our menu.

Brew Tea Room and Cafe, Leeds

Small breakfast (available until 12 am)

- one slice of bacon, one sausage, one fried or scrambled egg, beans, mushrooms, tomato and one slice of toast)


Large breakfast 

- two of the above


Vegetarian Breakfast

Bacon sandwich £1.95
Sausage sandwich £1.95
Fried egg sandwich £1.95
Bacon or sausage with fried egg £2.45
 additional item    50p
Beans on toast £2.25
Fried or scrambled egg on toast £2.25

Porridge with a dollop of jam or marmalade

- Golden syrup or fruit option 

Two slices of toast with preserves £1.50
Toasted teacake £1.50
Two crumpets £1.50
Additional jam or marmalade £0.25



















Freshly Made Deep Filled Sandwiches To Order


All of our sandwiches are made fresh in the cafe from a choice of white or brown bloomer, flat bread, baguette or panini (GLUTEN FREE bread available). We are happy to offer them toasted or untoasted.They come with a salad garnish, homemade coleslaw and crisps. Mmmm...


Simple toasties on bloomer bread with ham, tuna,

cheese, tomato, onion or mustard


Mature cheddar cheese with pickle

or a choice of chutney


Yorkshire ham with

green tomato chutney 

Egg mayonnaise  £3.95

Chicken, egg, ham

or tuna salad sandwich

Chicken, cheese and jalapeño    £3.95
Tuna cheese melt  £3.95
BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo) £3.95
Mozzarella & pesto £3.95
Swedish meatballs  £3.95
        with cheese £4.25
Ploughman’s (mature cheddar, pickle, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo) £4.25
Club sandwich (chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo) £4.25














As well as this great selection we are happy to mix and match any fillings you choose, add salad or remove it. Also be sure to check out our Daily Specials!




Jacket Potatoes With Side Salad


Our freshly prepared jacket potatoes are just the thing to warm your belly on a cold winters day. Served with a choice of delicious fillings we know you'll leave satisfied. 


Plain and simple with loads of butter £2.95
Baked beans £3.75
Cheese or coleslaw £4.25
Homemade chilli £4.25
Tuna mayonnaise £4.25
Bacon, chicken and mayo £4.25
Any additional topping for just £1.00






Seasonal Dish of The Day


Check our boards or ask staff for our dish of the day. 

This will be a freshly home-cooked and nutritious meal 

such as lasagne, moussaka or pastitsio (ask for gluten free version).

Plate salad (ham, chicken, egg, tuna or cheese) £3.95
Quiche with salad £4.25

Omelette with salad



Ham or chicken





Homemade soup and bread

(soup is GLUTEN FREE and gluten free bread is available)










Guaranteed to satisfy! 


Kids Meals


Cheese on toast

£1.50 per slice

Beans on toast


Scrambled egg on toast


Sausage and beans


Cheese sandwich


Ham cheese



ham, cheese or cheese and beans


Macaroni cheese


Meatballs and pasta


Jacket potato with beans


Jacket potato with cheese


Beef stew


Ice cream

£1.00 per scoop


(hot milk with a frothy top and a chocolate sprinkle)



























You may need a new notch in your belt after sampling some of the wonderful cakes on offer in our patisserie. Our all homemade selection includes carrot cake, flapjacks, tiffin and brownies.

(GLUTEN FREE options available)

From only                                                                                                 £0.95



Cream Teas


Luxuriate in our wonderful cream tea.

Homemade scone with homemade jam,

clotted cream and a choice of tea or fresh coffee                                      £4.45



Hot drinks

Drinks are available as decaf, skinny or with soya milk. Just ask!


  Regular Large
English breakfast tea £1.50 £1.75
Decaffeinated tea £1.50 £1.75

Speciality teas

(Earl Grey, green tea, chamomile and fruit teas)

£1.75 £1.95
Latte/skinny latte £2.10 £2.50
Cappuccino £2.10 £2.50
Flat white £2.10 £2.50
Macchiato £1.90  
Espresso £1.60  
Double Espresso £2.00  
Americano £1.70 £2.10
Mocha £2.30 £2.50
Additional shot of coffee £0.40  
Syrup (vanilla, chocolate, gingerbread or caramel) £0.50  
Hot Chocolate £2.10 £2.50
Chocolate drop - dark or white    

(hot creamy milk with pieces of real chocolate on the side - drop them in and

watch them melt for a real chocolate taste)

Top your hot chocolate with all the trimmings - cream, marshmallows and a flake)   50p





Cold Drinks


Iced latte £2.10
Iced cappuccino £2.10


(iced milky coffee topped with cream)

Plain £2.40
Chocolate, vanilla or caramel £2.85

Ice cream milkshakes

(vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, banana)



Kids' size £1.50
Smoothies £2.45
    A variety of flavours  
Kids' size £1.50
    A variety of flavours